Instant Hobo 

"No, they aren't itinerant rail-riders stopping in town just long enough to steal a hot apple pie off a windowsill. This alt-country power trio just wanders all over the musical map, melding classic rock power with Hank Williams twang and a perverse sense of humor."--Michael Senft, The Arizona Republic


Instant Hobo front man, John Feula, grew up near the beach in Central Florida, not exactly the land of Stetsons, cowboy boots, and pickups. Still, his love of country music runs deep. “My parents raised me on country: Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Eddy Arnold, Ernest Tubb, Skeeter Davis…my older brother and sisters raised me on Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, and Deep Purple.” Along with his training in jazz and classical guitar, his influences have the chance to all come together in Instant Hobo’s music. “I wanted to start with a country sound and add some radical influences, like what the Flying Burrito Brothers did in their day.”
Formed in the summer of 2006, Instant Hobo has recorded two albums, “Dirt Roads & Detours” and  “Honey The Horse”.  The songs, "Gator Queen" and "Out From the Ashes" have also been released, and the latest, a six song self-titled mini-album is due in October 2015.  All Instant Hobo music is available from the band's website as well as iTunes and other major digital music sites.


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